Our Team

Jeremiah Kreisberg

Our founder, Jeremiah Kreisberg, is a lifelong vegetarian and former professional basketball player (yes, he’s really tall). His education in food began early while growing up in Berkeley, CA, and continued at some of the world's largest food companies, where he worked in strategy and marketing. He's eager to apply his learnings from "big food" to provide more access to healthy, delicious, and sustainable options.

Leland Whitehouse

Our co-founder, Leland Whitehouse, is a food industry veteran. He’s worked in grocery stores, on ranches and fishing boats, and in restaurant kitchens. Leland believes in the power of food to heal the land and fight inequality. He obsesses over the provenance of every chickpea and the wellbeing of workers at each step along our supply chain.

Caroline Schiff

Our head chef and recipe developer, Caroline Schiff, has over a decade of experience in restaurants and bakeries in Brooklyn. Cooking for people has always been Caroline’s true north, believing that meals bring people together, foster connections, and nourish more than our bodies. As a 6x marathoner and vegetarian she’s always looking for real food that packs a nutrient rich punch.

Ling Cai

Our Director of Business Development, Ling Cai, is a former entrepreneur with a decade of consumer product experience. She's worked with innovative products like vegan nut butter cups, fresh spirulina and allergen-free cookies. She believes in the healing power of whole foods to nourish the body, mind and spirit.

Our Beliefs

We love food.

We like to eat.

We don’t always have the time for a leisurely breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack.

We created Slow Up for the days when time is short and hunger is real.

We’re into food that is mostly made from vegetables. We really love vegetables.

We’re not into food that is made mostly from protein isolates. Food that is lab-derived shouldn’t be the only option.

We believe that good food means no shortcuts.

It was hard to get good food on the go, so we made our own bars. We cooked and tweaked and refined our recipes until they were great.

We make whole food bars: bars prepared with the same craft and thoughtfulness we look for in our meals. We made them to be savored, even when you’re doing a million other things.

Why Shelf Life Matters

Slow Up bars have a short shelf life. We have lots of thoughts on shelf life.

Right now, almost everything we eat on the go is shelf-stable, packaged food that can be stored on a shelf at room temperature for a long time. Why? Because it’s easier to sell and distribute shelf-stable products. They don’t go bad, they can sit in the break room or the back of grocery store for months, and you can use cheap ingredients.

There are only a few ways to make food shelf-stable. One is to pack it with sugar (think cookies and snack bars), another is to make it dry and salty (like chips, nuts, or popcorn). Lots of food companies use chemical preservatives to make their products last. Recently, new processing technology has made it possible to preserve foods that have more moisture—like hummus or juice—by making them very acidic.

As a result, when we eat on the go we often settle for sugary, salty, dry, chemically preserved and acidic options. These foods deliver convenient calories. That’s the way our food system is organized.

Here’s the problem: we eat on the go a lot. We eat a lot of sugary, salty, dry, and acidic food.

We believe that people should have access to good food more often: food designed for people, not for the grocery store shelf. Food that is closer to what you eat for dinner. Food that is thoughtfully made. Food that is delicious, healthy, and satisfying.

So we decided to zig where everyone else is zagging. We made a refrigerated bar that lasts a week and a half. We did not want to dry it out, acidify it, or make it sugary. We wanted to make it good for you, and we wanted it to taste incredible.

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