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We've gone back to the basics—taking fresh ingredients and making them into a better-tasting, better-for-you, food-that-is-food bar.

What is a Slow Up Bar?

A Slow Up Bar is like a grain bowl with the convenience of a bar. Whole food ingredients like chickpeas, quinoa, almonds, and spices, made fresh to order.

The stuff you want...

Loads of vegetables
10g of real plant-based protein
Sweetened with honey

and nothing you don't

Protein Powder

Fresh food in a bar.

Never dried, acidified, salted or preserved in any way, our bars are meant to be enjoyed within two weeks.

Fresh means the fridge.

Our bars live in the fridge like good food should. Keep them refrigerated or take them on the go for up to 12 hours.

Made to order.

Sent directly to you in ice-cooled packaging.

Roasted Poblano

Bold and mildly spicy. We start by roasting fresh poblano peppers and sweet corn, then fold in traditional southwestern seasonings like smoked paprika and cumin.
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Roasted Poblano
Coconut Curry
Red Pepper Pesto
Peanut Cacao
Almond Cacao
Chai Cherry Turmeric

Folks dig 'em

"Best thing when you can't break for a meal or are stuck somewhere without real food."
- Sarah M
"These bars are like nothing I’ve ever had- delicious, unique flavors and filled with interesting healthy ingredients!"
- @joejoedubrul
“Seriously feel like I’ve found my bar soulmate. Peanut cacao tastes like fudge with none of the sugar high and dropoff.”
- Charlotte P

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